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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  October 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> tia: we start out with this. this morning we now know the man westlake shot and killed earlier this week had an air soft pistol on him at the time. cleveland 19 continuing to ask questions about if the robbery suspect fired that weapon or if police fire on him. >> brian: we are getting more information out of florida where a garrettsville man died. steven barna was killed cleaning up storm damage from hurricane matthew. a state of emergency still in effect in north carolina as floodwaters there are still rising. >> tia: here's a live look at the cuyahoga county board of elections where this morning the first ballots will be submitted for the upcoming election. early voting starts today.
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it looks like they've been camped out. we have a live report in two minutes. >> brian: we can only hope on november 8th, election day, we have as great of weather as people going to the polls have today. >> tia: that's right. meteorologist samantha roberts has a beautiful fall forecast for you. something is a little awry i guess and won't say that way, perhaps. >> samantha: no, no, no. it's that time of the year, right, where one day it's 80 and the next day it'soo today is going to be a warmer day. here is your school day forecast at the bus stop we go 53 in the city of cleveland. outlying areas just a little cooler. lunchtime, 73. already warmer by noon than it was all day yesterday, and we go 77 for that ride home. a little breezy today as well. maybe you throw on a little extra hair spray as you head to work or class. we are mostly sunny for today
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temperatures for now running a little chilly, so despite the warmth this afternoon, it feels fall-like this afternoon. we have a lot of 40s in ashtabula, canton and woulds wooster. in cleveland it's 57 and our temperature has rose through the morning in cleveland. doppler max shows dry conditions. i don't expect showers for your morning commute. tomorrow morning's commute might look a little different. i'm thinking we could have rain out there for the morning drive, and oh, yeah, it's going to be cold and windy tomorrow. we talk about the big pattern change coming up after this. laura. >> laura: you know what that means for the morning commute when we talk about wet stuffs on the roads. it can definitely cause problems. not a problem today, though. we are staying nice and dry, which typically means problem-free, yes? almost completely problem-free. right now we'll look at the
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miles per hour. we have no slowdowns to report over on the west side along i-90. 60 miles per hour dotting the map the entire way towards the inner belt bridge on i-90. 480 across your screen looking up to speed. out there farther east you get to 422, and eastbound we have an accident between route 91 and 306. we have a vehicle off the roadway and emergency responders are out there with that. drive times on time. mentor, canton, elyria and strongsville running on time for you. we have an innerbelt bridge closure tonight. we'll hear about that at 6:18. >> brian: this is pictures of the cleveland post office. in less than four hours semi trucks under armed guard will be arriving with about 200,000 election ballots. after processing the ballots, they're mailed out on absentee in voters in ohio. this is happening today because this morning is the start of early voting. now, we're getting answers for
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everything you need to know before you submit your ballot. >> tia: that's right. cleveland 19's sia nyorkor is live at the cuyahoga county voter office. already some people decide to just camp out. >> brian: i guess so. yndz yes, good morning, brian and tia. this is a battleground state, so every vote counts. right behind me there on the steps right after this bus passes, you can see there's early voters standingre one is draped there in a red blanket. across the street on the sidewalk, there are a ton of people camped out. they got her last night about 9:00 p.m., and they have been here because they wanted to be the first in line to vote. now, the doors here at the cuyahoga board of elections open at 8:00 a.m. the office will remain open until 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and as election day nears, longer
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open on weekends until election day. here are the documents you need if you'd like to vote early. keep in mind you only need one of these. an unexpired ohio driver's license or i.d., an unexpired photo i.d. issued by ohio or the u.s. government that including your name and current address, a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or government check that includes your name and current address, and any government document that shows your name and of those pieces of documents to be able to vote early. so later this morning we're going to talk with some of those people camped out here across the street. i see them rustling and moving tents and things like that. they might be awake. we'll head over and see what they have to say about this early voting. for more information on how to vote early, logon to our website at for now i'm getting answers in
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"cleveland 19 news." >> tia: like sia said, it's on our website, and you can also get it on your phone using the cleveland 19 mobile news app. it's easy to use, and the best part is it's absolutely free to download it. once you get it sign up for push alerts so when news breaks you get it on your phone first. in an election year when a lot are registering to vote, that means more names in the pool of jury >> brian: absolutely. by law it has to be a random draw, but cleveland 19 reporter nichole vrsansky is getting answers about a possible computer issue that could make certain people more likely to be picked. when you get picked all the time, it's hard to come up with enough excuses to get out of jury duty. >> nichole: try nine different ones over the cost of 12 years. we spoke with jennifer rogers who received nine jury summons over the past 12 years.
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municipal, federal jury. she just got off a case a month ago. she says she understands this is her civic duty, but it certainly is time-consuming. >> you show up on monday morning or whatever they tell you, and you sit for five days or you get called during that time. you may get dismissed or not be in the jury box. but it's a five-day commitment. >> nichole: we asked administrative judge john russo in the common pleas court how jurors are sun mommed. 16-year-ol jury wheel and spun around and picked out. now it's all electronic based on voter registration. 300 names are picked every week. if you serve, you're not supposed to be eligible for two years, but judge russo says there could be a glitch if you change your address with the board of elections, for example, your name is put back in the pot. they're checking into that right now. however, while it may seem like a pain, he does stress the importance of being a juror.
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they're actually sitting and hearing jury trials or present just being there resolves a case, which happens. sometimes just because we have a jury ready to be impanelled, lawyers decide to resolve the case so we don't have to put it in front of a jury. >> nichole: now, jennifer says her address hasn't changed but she did change her name when she got married. so perhaps that creates the same kind of effect. coming up in the next half hour, we look at a couple other that could be behind judge jennifer is summoned so often. it actually goes for all of us. judge russo, by the way, has also been summoned for jury duty, too. we'll have more coming up. >> brian: are you ready? today we talk with tribe skipper terry francona as the indians return to practice this afternoon at the ballpark. game one of the alcs friday night at 8:00.
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the series sold out in less than 20 minutes. you can still get tickets on secondhand ticket sites. look the athe prices we found. standing room will cost you 125 bucks. upper deck is 160, and lower level around 350 bucks. if you want to sit out there with the bleacher creatures, that's about 175 bucks. >> tia: wow. okay. >> brian: listen, how often do you get to the american league championship series? the indians jt this out every single year. hopeful they do. they're set up to do this the next couple years, i think, with this team. >> tia: if you can afford it, i say go. >> brian: that's just it. don't stretch yourself too thin. >> tia: don't give up the rent money. that's all i'm saying. >> brian: watch the game on the tube. coming up, easy, breezy, beautiful, but this cover girl product has a dude on the label. >> tia: yep. we held tbs accountable for their picture making fun of our
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complaints of you, the clevelanders, the loyal ones. the network's response is coming up in 30 minutes. >> samantha: dude that river joke is like 80 years old. come on. let's get with the times. get a new joke. okay. possible frost alert for your friday, so we want to let you know if you have plans that you have outdoors, your mums, you may want to bring those in as friday morning there could be a little frost around. i think we're okay until then, we'll take a closer look at this major cooldown coming up after the break. >> brian: police say they have
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>> tia: four people could face fleen charges for vandalizing homes, cars and businesses in laik county. jaky estock went to police after her minivan's back window was completely shattered. she discovered more than 50 similar cases have been reported in painesville over the last month and another 30 cases in the neighboring town of fairport with b.b. guns. >> it's kind of scary now, you know? it takes away your peace of mind of safety. >> tia: jamie says insurance covered most of the damage, but these crimes cost one business nearly $8,000. police say two people they arrested are juveniles. >> brian: a cosmetic giant fount its first coverboy, covergirl says 17-year-old james
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ambassador. he's ready to be that first boundary-breaking representative. the teen is a popular beauty blogger with more than a million followers on instagram and 70,000 subscribers on youtube. >> tia: he has amazing eyebrows. by the way, we have an exclusive look at a close second coverboy. take a look. what do you think? >> brian: wait a minute. you have a covergirl. >> samantha: that's the brand of the makeup. >> brian: you have to put cover dude or cover guy or cover man. >> tia: it's all cover girl. >> samantha: yeah, that's the makeup. >> tia: i don't think you made the cut at all. >> samantha: the other guy has really defined cheekbones. he was better-looking than me.
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thank you very much. >> tia: we're not bashing you. we're lovers. >> brian: me and my droopy cheekbones. >> samantha: they are not droopy. he has nice facial structure. so do you, though. let's look at what's going on this morning. you have to spread the love around, right? >> brian: whatever, sam. >> samantha: 6:16. that morning commute looking great today. we'll drive in so give you the green light there. midday commute is also dry weather. another green light, and for the evening commute i don't expect any problems there either. i think we have nice quiet conditions for all your drives today, at least in terms of the weather. there's nothing going on out there right now. we have clear skies and a little cloud cover along the lake and inland down around stark county, but for the most part today, we'll be seeing a ton of sunshine.
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tomorrow. tomorrow morning, late tonight and early tomorrow time frame. temperatures this morning are a lot warmer than yesterday. yesterday morning i had reports of patchy frost and we were under frost advisory in many locations. i don't think we'll see any of that this morning. the coolest spots are wayne and tuscarawas counties down to about 44 there in new philly. 48 in canton. good morning to you in cleveland. you are still ourar on the map at 57 degrees. i think we'll be in the 50s through about 9:00. 73 midday. here's your full-day planning for the day ahead. we want to help you get out the door this morning and help you get home. so if you dress this morning for fall, you might get a little hot this afternoon. 77 at 3:00 with lots of sunshine. breezy conditions today, maybe a little extra hairspray or ball cap as we do expect the winds to
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no rain through 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. if you come downtown, playhouse square, maybe you're out and about in medina. no showers on you maps until late tonight. after 10:00, look how that rain chance starts to climb. those showers are going to hang around through tomorrow morning, so while right now it's totally dry, i think tomorrow morning's commute could be a little wet in spots. i don't think it will be a washout, but i think there will be showers around and also a lot of cloud cover out the tomorrow. but sunshine in the afternoon. it's deceptive sunshine, though. look at how the temperature changes from today to tomorrow. i'm going to show you that full seven-day planning forecast. 77 today, 56 tomorrow for a high temperature. it's warmer than that in cleveland right now. so how it feels right now, is how it will feel all day tomorrow. it will be breezy. so you notice the change. friday also cooler. look at that.
6:19 am
there could be some frost out there on friday morning. poor tia is over there. i've never seen her frown quite so big. not liking this change. 60 on friday, but we warm up for the weekend with a chance of showers by sunday. if you're going to the pumpkin patch on sunday, plan for rain. laura. or golf course. >> laura: time to get the pumpkins out there. i have a big alert related to the accident on 422. i'll get look at the immediate area. if you come into the cleveland metro, your drives all look great out there. no big worries headed inbound into downtown cleveland. here is your alert. alert on 422 east. currently closed now because of the accident. it's closed near 306, but your last chance to exit off currently is at route 91. remember, this is that accident with a vehicle that went down into a ravine, so they're working to get the vehicle out. the person was injured in that
6:20 am
but it's now closed. 422 eastbound closed they're able to get that car out of ravine and open this back up. all of that yellow here, there is no eastbound traffic moving away from the city right now until that does re-open. guys. >> tia: that's tough. >> brian: all right, laura. thanks very much. ringling brothers barnum & bailey coming to town. you can win tickets to their opening show start at october 22nd at the q. you can enter to win by the cleveland 19 facebook page. >> tia: as a kid gu go to the circus? >> brian: yeah, sure. i don't remember if it was ringling brothers. whichever one was in cleveland, i remember going. >> tia: i wonder if they do the show before the show where you see them bring out the elephants. >> brian: no elephants. not with ringling brothers at least. >> tia: that's right. they used to do that, and it was really cool. it's video everyone is talking about in work this morning.
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goes whoops. >> brian: we're a week away from the final presidential debate, but hillary clinton and donald trump are
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>> nichole: time is 6:24. early voting begins today, and the two presidential candidates know it. the mudslinging continues. most recently d called hillary clinton a vessel of corrupt global establishment. meanwhile, clinton was with al gore in florida where she delivered her plan on climate change. the final presidential debate is a week from today. social security checks are going up kind of next year. the 66 million people who get the federal assistance can expect to see anywhere between a .2% to .5% increase.
6:25 am
month. this is the smallest hike in the history of the program. guys. >> tia: a bridge implosion to tell you about this morning, but this isn't like any you've ever seen before. take a look. you hear the boom, right, and you see the debris. but the bridge is still standing. this in arkansas. the bridge actually collapsed into itself, which left it stable enough to keep standing. plan b? engineers hado physically pull it down and finish the job. >> brian: you'll probably see this next video on your facebook time line this morning. tim tebow helping a baseball fan having a seizure in the stands. tebow is playing minor league baseball with the mets when he can fit it into his schedule. he went right into the crowd and prayed with the guy. you can see him there until paramedics arrived. witnesses say moments before help got there, the seizure had stopped. >> tia: what a good person
6:26 am
>> brian: he's a good guy that gets a lot of criticism. i don't understand why. he does his thing and is true to what he is. good to him. >> tia: laura demaria told us about this little accident, minor really at 422 at route 91. a man is trapped in his car down the ravine. this is where it gets dicey commuting in the area. eastbound and westbound traffic will be closed for a few minutes because they're going to bring in a medical helicopter. so if you travel in that area, you may run into some people. >> tia: for sure, especially at this time. it's 6:26. we're in the second week of october and had a few frosty nights, so you know what's next? the leaves change and you see some snow. no, no snow yet. i'm just kidding. >> brian: some places those leaves have already started changing, right? so let's go to sam for a fall -- here's the debate all morning. is it foliage or foliage or
6:27 am
are changing colors, sam? >> samantha: i like the leaves are changing colors. why make it complicated, right? time is 6:26. they are changing colors. you've probably noticed over the last several days there's more and more color popping up. still a decent amount of green left. i think as we start to approach the 15th and on, definitely be seeing more in the way of color. they'll continue to pop those beautiful reds and oranges and yellows. you will see more of that in the coming days. ase of the week forecast coming up
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>> tia: today is beginning to get real. early voting starting for this upcoming election. this is a live look at the cleveland post office where about 200,000 ballots ?arrive this morning and later mailed out to absentee and early voters. we have a live report with this story coming up in just two minutes. good morning, it's wednesday, october 12th. i'm tia i'm brian duffy. thank you for joining us. meteorologist sam roberts forecasting a gorgeous, gorgeous fall day across northeast ohio, but sam, well, this may be the last time we see the 70s for just a bit. >> samantha: for a while. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are, of course, big weather changes on the way starting late tonight into tomorrow. for today gorgeous. now, i know a lot of you will be out there early voting today.
6:32 am
weather-wise. 50s in the morning and some 40s early. you need that jacket, maybe even a coat. there was somebody outside of the board of elections. they were wrapped up in a blanket, so it's a little chilly this morning. 74 by 1:00. no blanket this afternoon. we're going way into the 70s by 3:00, 77 degrees and lots of breezy sunshine for you. should be a gorgeous day. temperatures right now are on the cool side. it feels every bit like october. 48 in canton. good morning to you in akron. we're at 51. that's one of our warmer spots. cleveland still well into the 50s, and if you're waking up in ashtabula, you're about 10 degrees warmer this morning than this time yesterday. sitting at 49 and we had 30s out there yesterday but it's not that cold today. satellite and radar picture is completely dry. bearly any cloud cover out there. this time tomorrow even as soon as tonight we track showers for you.
6:33 am
and morning rain arrives. i'm going to time it all out for you coming up at 6:45. laura. >> laura: if you're headed towards cleveland or maybe an immediate metro suburbs, everything looks very, very good in morning. i want to spend time on this alert i'm talking about over on the east side. just moments ago tia let you know about the alert we had, 422. where they closed down westbound and eastbound lanes at route 91. they were landing the accident out and get them some medical help he needs. right now what i hear is it sounds like the eastbound lanes are still closed but they have re-opened the westbound lanes. that helps, because that's where the major traffic pattern will move towards 480 and 271 as the morning does progress. they have to get the vehicle out of there, but i expect there's still medical ofishes out there. i will let you know and update you as this progresses throughout the morning and into rush hour. drive times still on time out
6:34 am
minutes, on time from north olmstead, mentor and akron as well. guys. >> tia: all right. less than a month from election day, but this morning voting begins. >> brian: early voting, that is. cleveland 19's sia nyorkor is working the story for us this morning getting answers on what you need to know before you cast your early ballot. good morning, sia. >> sia: yes, good morning, brian and tia. as you know, ohio is a battleground state, and so a lot of passionate people out here. there's a group standing on the front steps of the board of elections. they said they wanted to be the first in line to cast their votes. i want to show you video of the scene across the street. we had people that camped out here from last night before they had tents, sleeping bags, chairs, sp pillows. just a little bit ago they started to agather things and
6:35 am
and their water bottles because they want to be ready to walk over there and cast their vote in a little bit whether the doors opened at 8:00 a.m. i talked to some of people that wanted to do so early. here's what they had to say. >> this is my first time doing this. so i'm excited to do this. i just wanted to get out here and vote. >> i'm out here because ohio is very important. this election is very important. i want to be one of the first people to vet for >> sia: if you're looking to vote early, here are a list of some of the documents that are accepted for you to be able to do so. you only need one of these pieces. an unexpired ohio driver's license or i.d., an unexpired photo i.d. issued by ohio or the u.s. government. it has to include your name and current address and a current utility bill and bank statement and paycheck or government checks that includes your name
6:36 am
your name and address. again, you only need one of those pieces of i.d. if you'd like to come down here and vote early. so the doors open at 8:00 a.m., and the people out here, there's a nice group. they tell me that they want to be the first ones in the door to go and cast their votes. we'll be following up on air and online. for now i get answers here in downtown cleveland. sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: thank you so much. 6:36. looking ahead we know when doors to the big city. this is friday morning. doors open at 8:30 at burke. the president is expected to start speaking at 11:15. this stop is to encourage ohioans to vote in november. if you want to go, we have you set up. you have a link on where you can rsvp. jury duty. we oftentimes joke about it. we joke about making excuses to get out of it, not being a lot of fun.
6:37 am
though. we get answers about a potential computer issue in cuyahoga county that makes some people more likely to be summoned. nichole vrsansky joins us now with story. i think you have a story about a woman who has been summoned how many times? >> nichole: time times the last 12 years. this is a huge jinx for me. i'm going to be summoned now. i think so. i'll let you know. >> brian: it won't be publisher's clearinghouse either. joking about that. totally jinx myself. every week 300 names are randomly picked for jury duty, but for one local woman how often her name is picked has become a running joke. as i mentioned nine times in the past 12 years. she understands it is her civic duty, but it is a lot of time away from work committed to being in court. her husband, by the way, never been summoned, so we're asking the question, how does that happen?
6:38 am
she's received nine jury summons over the past 12 years. sat on one grand, one federal and one municipal jury. she just got off a case a month ago and jokes about it. >> i snap a picture and send it to my friend and say, again. >> nichole: she posted this picture on summons stack on facebook, just in case anybody thought i was kidding she wrote. >> between two or three times i say i just they say okay, you're excused. >> if you get called, it's supposed to be every two years your name is thrown back in the hopper. by you coming to us, we look at that program to make sure that's working accurately. >> nichole: administrative judge john russo says by law jury selection is random. in cuyahoga county no more spinning the juror wheel and pulling names out on paper. for the past 16 years it's been all electronic. 300 names picked per week based
6:39 am
judge russo thinks there could be a glitch with addresses that would put your name back in the pot perhaps too soon. >> maybe someone moved to a different address and registered with the board of elections under a different address and get thrown back in the hopper. >> nichole: no address change for rogers, but she did change her name when she got married. federal, state and municipal draws are also separate, so you could find yourself in a jury room for municipal court. service. >> nichole: and still be eligible for federal court, for example. >> each court is individually responsible for deciding whether they should or shouldn't. >> nichole: judge russo says if there are any doubts that draws are random, consider this. >> i got called two years ago and got impanelled on a jury panel and i was juror number 7. i was very excited and i was the first one kicked off. i said to them, i'm the fairest person.
6:40 am
judge, thank you, but you're gone. >> nichole: it will likely be after the election i'm told until we know for sure if there's a problem with the computer system. we'll keep you updated. the selection pool grows in an election year like this because of more people registering to vote, so maybe less of a chance to get picked with more mountain pool. they say they work with jurors like conflicts so college students can be reacceptabling -- rescheduled to serve in the summer. >> brian: remember the picture we showed you yesterday morning that tbs used after the tribe swept out the red sox? well, we did something about it. cleveland 19 started a social media campaign to hold tbs accountable for the lame, weak, old, tasteless joke about our city. we started the cle versus tbs
6:41 am
in showing real pictures of what our river and beautiful revitalized city looks like. we reached out to turner sports for some kind of response, and here's what they had to say after you hammered them on social media. cleveland is a great city, and we regret the use of the issue. they used a river in russia or something. if wasn't even the real picture when the river actually caught fire. we're trying to put the focus back on the exciting alcs. >> tia: i'm sure sitting around being offended by everything, people. we're really not, because we're very secure in what our city is and how beautiful it is and how far it has come. it was just weak and lame. >> tia: tasteless and classless. >> brian: it wasn't funny. we thought, listen, you guys got good people over there. let them do their jobs instead of this hack job. >> tia: doing this stuff. >> brian: it was bad.
6:42 am
>> tia: that's right. we can fix it all. in seven minutes we'll tell you why there might be some drama about this. tristan thompson on the next episode of ke"keeping up with t kardashians." >> restart all right. >> you're not welcome anymore. >> there you go. what caused tempers to flare at a school board meeting. we'll talk about that coming up next. sam. >> samantha: all right. now drama in the world of weather, right? it is gorgeous outside. 53 morning. now, that's in cleveland. some of you run a little cooler than that. i would grab a jacket on the way out the door, but the kids will not need jackets this afternoon and neither will you. we'll talk about this little brief hit of spring coming up after the break. >> tia: and a local teen dies from a heroin overdose, and this morning his mother and grandmother whim be sentenced for causing his death.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
>> nichole: time is 6:46. sentences today in akron for a disturbing involuntary manslaughter case. 16-year-old from a heroin overdose last spring, and the drugs were given to him by his mother and grandmother. both of them pled guilty. the judge delivers the sentence -- as soon as that judge delivers the sentence, look for it first on the cleveland 19 mobile app. tia. >> tia: thank you so much, nicki. our cameras were rolling last night during tense moments at the cuyahoga heights school board meeting. >> resign already! >> resign, you're not welcome anymore.
6:47 am
parents hoped for an update why superintendent mark evans was placed on paid leave for not publicly stating the reason. the meeting ended abruptly whether the board president said they were advised by lawyers not to talk about it. there's no time line to find out the superintendent he's fate with the school district. >> brian: you may have noticed cavs forward tristan thompson in the tabloids recently main by because he's dating khloe father, but khloe kardashian is not the mother. according to u.s. weekly, thompson is having the baby with his ex-girlfriend, jordy see. many are wondering if this could cause problems with thompson's relationship with khloe kardashian, who was spotted at another cavs preseason game over the weekend. i know a lot of people are interested in all that stuff. i'm interested in the fact that
6:48 am
on the basketball court. i wish the best for his baby, of course. i do. >> tia: if you're a man and you're going to have a child with a woman, at least be there for the things that are important. whether you stay with her or not. >> we don't know if he's not. >> you're seen with another woman parading around town. that's not a good look when you're a public figure. >> samantha: or average joe. got to take care of kid, right? >> brian: you want him to be there as a dad every single y. that's ideal. we need more of that every day. that's a big problem we could start talking about that for hours and hours. we need dads to be involved with their kids. >> tia: yes. >> brian: that's the root of -- >> tia: a lot of social issues. >> brian: yes, it is. thank you very much. do the weather, sam. >> samantha: lots of good dads out there as well and moms, right? 6:48 on this beautiful start to your wednesday morning. i almost said friday. i was really trying to -- you
6:49 am
i was really trying to get to the weekend, huh? beautiful start, okay? we have mostly clear skies, and it will be a beautiful sunrise. notice that there is no rain on doppler max. we are completely dry out there, but this time tomorrow, well, that will change. i am tracking your next front. it's situated out over the midwest. this one is west of chicago, and it will move in late tonight into tomorrow morning. it's going to do two things for us. the first is bring us rain overnight into early morning. the second thing this front is going to do is bring us a lot of cooler weather late in the work week. it's going to feel completely different than it will for the next several hours. so expect cooler weather to come before too long, but for now it feels pretty good. i want to actually time out this rain for you and help you plan for tonight and tomorrow morning. here's futureview. we start off at 7:00 tonight. any plans that you have this evening we will be completely
6:50 am
as that front approaches from our west and here's 9:00. sandusky out to bucyrus. you could see rain as soon as 9:00 or 10:00. the rest of the area i think is closer to midnight and onward. this is a simulated satellite and radar at about 2:00 in the morning. there will be some showers around, some of which may linger through 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning. by mid-morning we should be dry, and in the afternoon tomorrow, look at that. we see a lot of sunshine. it will be beautiful, but it will not feel as good as it's going to feel today. here's today's forecast. 59 at 9:00, 73 midday, very warm. warmer than yesterday by 11:00 in the morning. 77 this afternoon with mostly sunny skies and breezy conditions. get used to that breeze because i think it will be breezy all through the weekend. here's your full seven-day planning forecast. near 80 today, 77. i think that's close enough to
6:51 am
50s tonight, but we don't warm up much at all tomorrow. our highs are only in the mid-50s, and then overnight thursday into friday we're looking at the potential for patchy frost. bring those mums in. you don't want to lose those and your tomatoes as well. 60 on friday. the weekend we see a little warm-up, and plan for rain on sunday. laura. >> laura: the tomatoes are still growing out there. i'm still nursing the tomatoes. i'm not really n anything right now. i'm injured. but out there on the roads right now if you head out, things look really, really good. we'll still in the green. around the metro curve, 20 miles per hour around 71. that's the spot slowing down. i want to go to the alert i've talked about for the last 30 minutes or so if my clicker will click over. we're still odd closed at 306.
6:52 am
you will get stuck. the road is closed and there's an earlier accident right on 32 eastbound. the vehicle went off the roadway. they closed westbound lanes temporarily. eastbound is still closed woochlt close to rush hour. this could affect you if you're headed out 422. drive times are still on time about everywhere on the map, though, guys. >> brian: my a text and said it's "us weekly"
6:54 am
nches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good.
6:55 am
[ music ] >> nichole: are you not
6:56 am
i'm going to read this fast. this day in rock history "total eclipse of the heart" had the top spot in the bill choord charts. cut the music, please. >> samantha: you missed your calling as an auction near. >> laura: let's check out this accident really quick. this alert 422 eastbound closed right near 306. you have to exit at route 91. that is the last exit you will be able to take. you will not b farther east on 422 until they get this accident completely cleared up. they were closed earlier on westbound, too, and it has re-opened but we have troubles headed into rush hour. >> brian: that is a busy area, you have cochran harper by nestle and tons of people but not the 306. we'll keep our eye on that.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump declares war on republican leaders who are ba backing away from him in record reveal embarrassing moments inside hillary clinton's campaign. >> hurricane matthew, thousands vr rescued from the catastrophic flooding in north carolina. one swollen river threatens to split an entire county in two. a new survey reveals top three mistakes teenagers make behind the wheel. aaa say parents may share the blame. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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